The Indiana Victims of Violent Crime Compensation Fund database (VCC) and all related systems, is 
    being implemented by the Indiana Criminal Justice Institute under the authority of Indiana Code 5-2-6.1., 
    et seq.  All users agree to abide by these Terms and Conditions and the State Information Resources Use 
    Agreement (IRUA) found at http://www.in.gov/iot/files/information_resources_use_agreement.pdf.

    All information in the system is confidential, and all users have a responsibility to abide by confidentiality 
    laws.  Users who violate these laws will have their access to the VCC and related systems immediately 

    •	All users shall safeguard his/her user ID and password, and agree to not give a user ID and/or password
       to others, or to post a user ID and password on any place.
    •	The computer should not be left unattended when a VCC session is open. 
    •	Always log off when you are finished with a VCC session.

    The User acknowledges the conditions under which access to the VCC and related systems is granted, 
    and agrees to be held to these conditions.

    Any changes to these Terms and Conditions will be placed here and will supersede this version of our 
    Policy. We will take reasonable steps to draw your attention to any changes in our Policy at the time of 
    the change.